Trump Won

Yes, President Trump won 79 million to 68 million in an Electoral College landslide.

House was won by Republicans.

Senate was won by Republicans.

Here Is The Evidence

Peter Navarro

Volume 1 – The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities

Volume 2 – The Art of the Steal: Democrat Party Grand Strategy

Volume 3 – Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts

Jovan Pulitzer – Georgia Senate ballot fraud detection, based on kinematic artifacts.

Mike Lindell’s meeting with President Trump

antifablm caused the murder of @SaintAshli

The Capitol was breached by a cadre of organized, embedded, disguised antifablm teams of breachers, provocateurs, crisis actor and videographers, who worked in concert with each other. As a false flag, staged psy-op operation, to blame Trump and his supporters for their rioting and mayhem.

The team that breached the central, Rotunda entrance where Ashli Babbitt was murdered featured:

  1. Furhatboy (provocateur/crisis actor/breacher) – in the photo on the left, below, and
  2. John Earle Sullivan (provocateur/videographer) – in the right photo

     With several others identified in videos as possible co-conspirators.

Furhatboy (left photo) and John Earle Sullivan (right photo)

Each of the Capitol building’s entrances had antifablm provocateurs assigned to breach it, armed with their signature metal batons, which they used to break glass and to cause other destruction.

(See photo on the left, below, to identify their signature batons). 

The door to the Rotunda is shown in the photo on the right, below, and is the entrance where Furhatboy, John Sullivan and others were assigned by antifablm to breach, riot, and to videotape.

antifablm metal baton breaking windows (left photo) and Heavy, locked metal door to Rotunda (right photo)

But this heavy metal door into the Rotunda (right photo above) could not have been opened from the outside.

Someone already inside the Rotunda opened it from the inside. 

Either antifablm provocateurs already inside the Rotunda (apparently with the consent of the Capitol police inside), or by the Capitol police themselves.

But it is impossible that people on the outside, on their own, could have opened the locked, reinforced metal doors.

Then, antifa provocateurs either already embedded inside or at the vanguard of the protestors, immediately stationed themselves in the middle of the Rotunda and directed protestors to the House chamber.  

Therefore, these are the antifablm provocateurs (detailed below) who caused the murder of U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt:

They are both, at minimum, guilty as accessories to manslaughter.

Furhatboy (unknown antifablm provocateur) was the breacher/agitator who instigated the riot and John Sullivan (known antifablm provocateur from Utah) was the videographer/agitator. They worked together as a team, following a Leftist plan, to create a riot and to record it. To give the left-wing media compelling, violent video footage for their pre-written narrative in which they blamed Trump supporters, and by extension, Trump himself, for the violence caused by the antifablm provocateurs themselves. 

Here are the videos detailing their mendacious destruction, rioting, conspiracy, and ultimately the murder of Ashli Babbitt:

  1. Video from InfoWars with analysis by Owen Shroyer showing the actions of both antifablm provocateurs:
  1. Furhatboy (shown full-face, without covid mask) broke the Capitol windows, including the interior one through which Ashli Babbitt climbed when she was shot by the unknown Capitol policeman. But Furhatboy fled down a side stairwell away from the shooter, to change his costume to avoid arrest, after having encouraged her and others to go through the window.

         Note that he is dressed here in fake “Proud Boy” colors (but is actually a Pirelli Tire t-shirt.)

A Twitter thread by Professor Zhaung Zhou shows a video analysis focused on Furhatboy, videotaped by John Sullivan (“Jayden X”), which clearly demonstrates that Furhatboy entered the Rotunda from THE BASEMENT, joining the crowd from BEHIND the Capitol police, from a secure, embedded position, to begin his antifablm provocateur buffoonish theatrical performance.

Clearly, to have the patriots be blamed for HIS behavior.

This first photo below is of the interior door (the “Speakers Lobby door”), from the Rotunda to a hallway leading toward the House chamber, which is where Ashli Babbit was shot to death.

Furhatboy begins his provocateur theater production, agitating the crowd
Furhatboy impersonating the colors of the Proud Boys
Furhatboy smilling for John Sullivan’s camera
Furhatboy does a quick costume change in the side stairwell immediately after the shooting

Furhatboy ran down the side stairwell immediately after the shooting. He removed his identifying shirt and fur hat, replacing that with the antifablm helmet handed him moments before by a possible antifablm co-conspirator. (Who, in the video, is wearing a “Don’t tread on me” yellow flag draped over his body.) Furhatboy had used the helmet to smash the windows through which Ashli Babbitt climbed when she was shot.

  • Known antifablm provocateur John Earle Sullivan

from Utah, who worked in tandem with Furhatboy, videotaping the attempt to incite a riot, break glass, storm the Capitol building, and ultimately caused the murder of Ashli Babbitt. These men have Ashli’s blood on their hands.

(Note: the video footage marked with “Jayden X” was taken by John Sullivan (“Jayden X”.)

John Sullivan looking down at the body of murdered Ashli Babbitt
John Sullivan looking back after Ashli Babbitt was murdered
John Sullivan with a possible co-conspirator/relative, who is dressed in a Trump hat and American flag scarf

More on John Sullivan:

CautionGraphic violence

These are graphic videos of the actual murder of Ashli Babbit. They are extremely horrific but must be archived for those who want to see them, to understand the full horror of what these two men did.

[These two videos are currently being censored by Amazon’s fascist shutdown of the servers for the free-speech web site, Parler.]

From behind her: 

From the side, shot by John Sullivan, showing the shooter:

Angry, unarmed protestors, incensed by years of slander, unending attacks on them and their President, and the theft of a national election in November and the theft of both Georgia Senate seats the very night prior, followed these antifablm provocateurs into the Capitol, shouting to Stop the Steal. Despite that, the Trump supporters were 99.9% “patriotic and peaceful” as President Trump had encouraged, and wanted their voices heard about the recent, stolen election, and to prevent the certification of that election taking place inside the Capitol by lawmakers.

antifablm insurrectionists broke the windows throughout the Rotunda entry – and the Trump supporters a number of times stopped them from doing more damage. In one instance, from throwing metal stanchions at the statuary and overall causing the gratuitous damage that is the hallmark of this past year of antifablm riots. 

The patriots were passionate, but it was antifablm that caused the destruction, breached the doors, and ultimately caused the murder of Ashli Babbitt.

It was a direct result of the actions of these two antifablm provocateurs (Furhatboy and John Sullivan), that Ashli Babbitt was martyred. 

May God bless Ashli and keep her safe with Him in heaven.

One of the first to enter the Capitol was antifabm who punched and beat on cops.

January 6, 2021 #StopTheSteal walking tour of the U.S. Capitol, was a false flag operation by antifablm

A coordinated, false flag conspiracy by antifablm, the Capitol police, Speaker Pelosi, Mayor Bowser, the Metropolitan Police, and others. (Note: go to, and you will be re-directed automatically to the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. antifablm is the armed wing of the Democrat Party.)

#StopTheStealRally #CapitolRally @realDonaldJTrump #TrumpWon #Jan6 #MillionMAGAMarch @TommyRobinson @GavinMcInnis

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. – Barry Goldwater

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. – Winston Churchill

This was a set-up.

The set-up

  1. antifablm breached the metal barriers (but did not throw them at the cops like they do at their own riots)
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(the photo above was taken after the event, to show the metal barriers)

  1. we were invited in at several stages by Capitol police and antifablm: and  Note: the antifablm grey-hoodie guy is already INSIDE the ring of cops and waving at patriots to hurry in. Also,
Capitol police waving people onto the Capitol grounds
Capitol police walking back toward the Capitol, backs to the protestors, while grey-hoodie antifablm guy yells for people to hurry up the steps
  1. the doors we entered, the main center doors into the Capitol Rotunda, cannot be opened from the outside — they were opened from the inside — right after the cops stationed in front of them had been ordered by superiors to leave that position.
These main doors were opened from the inside
  1. three (probably antifablm members) were inside the center of the Rotunda, either waiting for us or in the vanguard, directing us which way to go, to the House chamber. (We didn’t know where to go, while they knew exactly.)
  2. the cops who met us in front of the House chamber were negotiating to let some “quiet” demonstrators into the House chamber, to observe (or, possibly to buy time, to evacuate the legislators?) We did not know where in the Capitol we were. I believed that we were still far from the actual chamber and we screamed to be heard.
  1. at that point, several (probably antifablm) members veered over to another entrance, which turned out to be the Speakers Lobby door, where they:
  • broke the window with either the metal implements they had used on some of the other windows, or the wooden chairs they had brought in from the hallway
  • ran out of the antechamber in front of the Speakers Lobby door where they had broken the window, claiming to have been teargassed
  • after having encouraged Ashli Babbitt and others to go through the broken window
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This is where Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Capitol police

How did these antifablm members know ahead of time that the first person through the door would be murdered? In a video of her murder from the side, linked below under the Ashli Babbit heading, you can see the surprise on the face of the SWAT-style cops, standing next to Ashli in a line, who did not know that the cop on the inside of the next hallway would be firing directly toward THEM, and had his long gun aimed BACK toward the officer inside the door, who had murdered Ashli.

She was entering a HALLWAY and posed no danger to the officers right next to her, much less the officer in the next hallway, cowering in the alcove with a shaky pistol hold.

Who told the Capitol police to stand down at each step prior? Who instructed this officer to murder her?

Why were the Capitol police — who were outside the door, standing next to the protestors, NOT warned beforehand that the Capitol policeman inside the door would fire live bullets in their direction? (You have to see the expression of surprise on the police officers in the side-angle video.) Why would this officer shoot in the direction of fellow officers?

antifablm provocateurs

Leading the break through the metal barriers and up the Capitol steps were embedded, disguised antifablm provocateurs using techniques learned over a year of unpunished rioting and attacks on private and government property. They carried metal batons to break the windows of the doors (shown in the photo below), and the knowledge that the enabling Police State would not punish them — antifablm — the armed wing of the Democrat Party.

Those hunting photos for “rioters” should focus on those. Those who broke the windows, and those who tried to attack statues inside but were repelled by the patriots.

antifablm provocateurs committing gratuitous damage, as part of the false flag operation, to smear Trump supporters



We were NOT armed, as has been written.

We did NOT destroy property, other than the windows broken by those people in front (predominately, if not all, antifablm). In fact, when one started throwing a metal stanchion in the rotunda near statues, we STOPPED him and told him “We’re not antifa”.

We ARE angry patriots INCENSED that the election was stolen, the election of both GA senate seats had been stolen just the night before the rally, antifablm rioted for months and nothing was done, antifablm continue to attack patriots in the streets of DC and the police enable it. Including this violent assault on a woman on the streets of DC just the night before, in full view of Metropolitan Police:

We were PEACEFUL protestors who wanted to stop the steal and to have our voices heard.

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Do these protestors look violent?

We were angry patriots, led primarily by embedded antifablm, in coordination with the Capitol police, but the MURDER of Ashli Babbitt was somehow BLAMED on the UNARMED, peaceful protestors. On us.

Police never shot any antifablm rioters during MONTHS of rioting, killing, looting, burning, and maiming. During which they tore down statues, burned historic churches, burned and looted businesses, shut down roads, and attacked people at will.

But peaceful protestors have one of OURS murdered, and suddenly WE’RE the violent ones?

But also, why were there only about 20,000 protestors at the Capitol?

Why didn’t the hundreds of thousands who actually attended President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse march to the Capitol, as planned?

I heard that Mayor Bowser shut down Pennsylvania Ave. to prevent them from marching to the Capitol. Including those leaders who gave speeches and might have recognized the antifablm and the false flag signals.

So, a small number of the 20,000 at the Capitol, who did NOT hear Trump’s speech, entered the Capitol. Who had gone directly to the Capitol for the planned 1pm rally. They followed antifablm provocateurs into the Capitol and were peaceful throughout. We did not attack the police, we did not destroy property, and the windows smashed were done so primarily by the embedded antifablm provocateurs.

But the media conflates the two events: 1. the large Trump speech rally at the Ellipse, with 2. the smaller, discreet rally at the Capitol, and blames Trump.

Ashli Babbitt

#LibertyDied with @SaintAshli

The spirit of @SaintAshli, as Apple in 2021 is now part of Big Brother

Speaker Nancy Pelosi set in place the standing order to shoot; or, if not, who gave this specific order to shoot, if it was not a standing order — at the Speakers Lobby door — from the Speaker of the House?

The Capitol police enabled the protestors into the House at each stage of entry, up to the point of the shooting.

And then a Capitol policeman murdered Ashli for no reason.

Ashli Babbitt

Caution: These are graphic videos of the murder of Ashli Babbit: 

From behind her: 

From the side:


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Full Video: The Siege On United States Capitol – video shot by antifablm leader/provocateur John Earle Sullivan

1998: Black political leaders demand Trump Make America Great Again

In 1998, Black leaders Jesse Jackson and Charles Rangel and others personally begged President Trump to lead America and to enact his vision to use the American Free Enterprise System to unleash economic growth for all people.

He subsequently agreed. At great personal cost to him and his family

The White Liberal Establishment has never forgiven him — even now, as Black approval for him stands at 40%.

(view until approximately 16:45)


#LibertyDied with @SaintAshley

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry Goldwater

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. – Winston Churchill

A republic, if you can keep it. – Benjamin Franklin

A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is the region of ignorance that tyranny begins. – Benjamin Franklin

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