Who is Allah?

Who is Allah?


Some say that Allah is the same god as the God of Judaism and Christianity – God, Jehovah, Yahweh, I am, Elohim, Adonai, The Lord God Almighty. Yet, Islam does not have the Ten Commandments, the foundational ethical code of Judaism and Christianity. Nor the Torah of Judaism. (Which is, of course, the first five books of the Christian Bible.) Nor the Old Testament. Nor the New Testament of Christianity.

Nor does Islam have any of the Bible’s history, laws, songs, or traditions. No teachings, proverbs, parables, or letters. The Bible was clearly not used as a resource for the Quran. It is therefore not the Jewish Bible or an extension of it, as is the Christian Bible.

Rather, it was written entirely on its own. By itself. Dictated by Allah to an illiterate man.

In fact, the Quran has only a few short passages mentioning a handful of the major figures from the Bible. Snippets of verbal tales he had heard, written in a cursory manner, and fundamentally opposite to how those people are revealed in the Bible.

Also, the Quran states explicitly that, “There is no god but Allah.” This is a cornerstone of Islam (a.k.a., “Submission”, “Surrender”, or “Subjugation”.) The “First Pillar”. And is inscribed above the entrance to mosques. Yet “Allah” never appears in the Bible. Not once. And “God” never appears in the Quran. Yet, Allah was already the name of the moon god of Arabia long before Muhammad was born. Allah, the Arabian moon god, was worshipped at the Kaaba, the same black rock in Mecca that today is  considered sacred by Muslims. (Muhammad’s father was named Abd Allah, or “servant of the moon god Allah.”) So Allah has history prior to Islam, and the God of Judaism and Christianity was well-recognized throughout the known world millennia before Muhammad – especially in Arabia where several Jewish tribes lived alongside Muhammad’s Arab tribe that already worshipped the moon god, Allah. Therefore, “Allah” is not “God” according to the Quran. And God is not Allah according to the Bible. Neither name appears in the other’s sacred book, nor are their teachings the least bit compatible. Plus, over the centuries of Muslim military conquest, the kafir (non-Muslims) who were subjugated (“Islam”) to Allah were never forced to swear submission to the God of Judaism and Christianity (“God”), but always to Allah, the god of Islam.

So who is he? Who is Allah? Think about this, God created Judaism 4,000 years ago, choosing the Jews as his special people. And Christ created Christianity 2,000 years ago, instructing his Jewish disciples to go out into the world to share the Good News with everyone. So both religions, built upon the ethical foundation of the Ten Commandments and the Jewish Bible, share the same foundational texts and worship the same God. Then, who, in a pique of jealousy toward these two great religions, created Islam in 632AD and ordered the warlord, Muhammad, to conquer the world for him? Who is Allah?

Please click the graphic above. The elements of which will reconfigure, to reveal the true identity of Allah.

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  1. I just read your American Thinker article on Hillary. I love history and you added
    to my history database, ie FDR.

    I plan to bookmark your page! It’ll be a regular stop!


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