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2 responses

  1. I don’t see the identity of Allah revealed in above graphic.

  2. I have my own theories but am too afraid to speak them aloud. As a peaceful, loving person – neither Jew, Christian or Muslim, I believe these entities who whispered to Mohammed to create this gruesome philosophy were inspiring mankind against progress and had ill-will toward any good intentions of other ancient “race builders” who were helping our species toward proper fruition. As I don’t believe in “heaven” or “hell” as true environments, let alone ones that can spawn these entities, I believe that ancient outside forces were at odds with each other and created this “religion” for chaos purposes.

    The lovely humbleness and humility features of Islam, that are viewed as positive, even peaceful, mask the true nature and bloodthirsty quest that is the foundation of this intolerant belief. I don’t think that this whole philosophy was conceived from a “spiritual” realm where love is the overriding influence in many, many religions. I believe it was an intentional smear against our development as a species and our planet’s population and that it needs to be corrected, possibly eradicated (nearly impossible due to the amount of adherents) or at the very least re-assessed by those same adherents.

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